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Tamil Nadu 600002
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Prodotype is an expert design house that aims to simplify and aestheticize lives through unique yet effective design. Our expert team comprising of former Autodesk Interns, best in class product designers, and an exclusive Pan India Team with tonnes of experience on the field work together towards revolutionizing the industry while changing lives through design.

Our simplistic design strategy coupled with a multi-dynamic approach gives us the creative edge in building products that will stand out from the crowd. From the corporate world to the casual, our goal is to give life and soul to everything, everyone has. As professionals, we actively work towards designing products that will stay one step ahead of the industry as we learn, grow and adapt to the exquisite tastes of our customers.

We are Creative

Prodotype essentializes works on products with a touch of creativity to truly bring forth the uniqueness in every design.

We Design to Innovate

Through each product design, we build and create to innovate; effectively and efficiently.

We Personalize

Our team of design experts hustle to make each design completely original and a cut above the rest.

We Design with Life

All our designs not only have elegance and passion, but also life that shines through elegant yet simplistic work method, with user-centred personalization in mind.

Our Board

Prodotype owes its existence to the consistent creative efforts of its founders who are constantly at the helm,
working toward improvement and quality service.

Jason Samuel

Jason Samuel

Design Director & CEO
Karthick Pandian

Karthik Pandian